Philip Pärnamets


I completed my PhD at Lund University Cognitive Science in 2015 with a thesis entitled “Observing and manipulating preferences in real time”. I joined the lab in September 2015 as a post-doctoral research fellow.

2018-2019 I will be joining the Social Perception and Evaluation Lab at NYU as part of my Swedish Research Council funded international postdoc project “Dynamic evidence accumulation in moral decision-making”.

I am broadly interested in how attention contributes to decision making and computational models of moral cognition. I also work on social learning, especially how we learn  to trust and distrust others based on their group membership. I use a variety of techniques in my work, including analysis of choice and response time data, pupil dilation, eye-tracking measures, skin conductance and computational models of learning and decision making.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaborating or working with me.