Monika Eckstein


I have received my PhD at the University of Bonn, Germany, in 2015, for
investigating the effects of the neuropeptide oxytocin on fear conditioning and
extinction. After, I have been working as a Postdoc in Heidelberg, expanding my
focus on learning processes in social relationships, such as romantic couples or
parent-child dyads.

The fall 2021, I am happy to join the Emotion Lab on a fellowship provided by the
German Academic Exchange Service DAAD. Here, I will continue working on the
topic of learning and social bonding. Specifically, I am investigating whether
neuroendocrine mediators – such as oxytocin or gonadal hormones – influence
learning processes and might provide potential therapeutically applications for
psychiatric disorders associated with impaired perception of safety. To get a
bigger picture, I am combining fMRI, psychophysiology and neuroendocrine
hormone measures.