Sabine Schellhaas

Visiting PhD student

Spring 2020

I completed my M.Sc. in Cognitive and Clinical Psychology at the University of Mannheim, Germany, and am now a PhD student at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim/University of Heidelberg since 2018. There, I joined the research training group GRK2350 which focuses on the “Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Psychosocial and Somatic Conditions Across the Lifespan”.

My dissertation project is entitled ‘ Social learning and adverse childhood experiences (ACE): (Reversal) Learning of instructed and observed threat and safety and its influence on subsequent memory processes in persons with ACE’. I’m particularly interested in how potentially threatening (and save) environments and contexts that individuals never actually experience themselves impact various memory and learning processes, especially source memory and working memory capacity and how early traumatization and related anxiety and stress symptoms contribute to this. I focus on the neural (EEG, ERP analysis) and behavioral aspects of attention, perception and memory.

Please contact me if you are interested in my research.